1. Save Money – When you realize you do not need as many clothes/shoes/jewelry/etc. as you used to, you will undoubtedly not spend as much.  Now you will have some extra cash for what’s really important to you, plus your bank account will be pretty thrilled!

2. Help Others – Editing your wardrobe will not only change your life, but it has the potential to change other’s lives as well.  How awesome is that?! Consider donating your excess clothing to a local shelter or cause, you’ll be sure to make someone’s day!

3. Define Your Personal Style – Simplifying your wardrobe does not, I repeat, DOES NOT take away from your personal style.  It will inspire you to define it!  Once you get rid of clothes and accessories that no longer speak to you, your unique personal style will start to develop and unveil itself.

4. Confidence – A simplified wardrobe gets rid of those pieces which made you second guess yourself.  When you surround yourself with pieces that are up-to-date with your current lifestyle, body shape and personal style, you can rest assure you’ll be walking out the door feeling confident with how you look, feel and the outfit choice you’ve made.

5. Be Creative – Creativity can sometimes become more difficult for us adults to practice as we get older and busier.  Simplifying your wardrobe will help re-ignite the creative spark within as you learn to mix and match your edited wardrobe and create your signature look!

6. More Space – When you have less clothing, you’ll find you no longer need that huge walk-in closet!  If you have a smaller closet, your current space will now start to work for you and if you already have a large closet, consider adding some decorative elements to make it more aesthetically pleasing.

7. Feel Free! – At the end of the day, one of the biggest shifts one can experience through simplifying their wardrobe is their level of happiness and contentment.  Instead of constantly trying to keep up,  feeling like you need more or you’re not enough with what you have, you’ll feel a sense of relief and freedom.  A huge burden is lifted when you can recognize you no longer need to seek out material possessions to feel fulfilled.