How to Preserve Black Jeans

When I purchased my black maternity jeans, I knew I had to get serious about properly caring for them so they wouldn’t fade and force me to buy more. I invested in a designer pair, plus had alterations made, so needless to say I wanted them to last.

After some research and trying these tips out myself, I’m pleased to share that my ONE pair of black jeans I’ve been wearing for the past 4 months are still black! What a concept?! I’m glad that my simplified maternity wardrobe made me get more serious about taking care of my clothes and thought I’d share the tips that worked for me so you can extend the wear of your black jeans as well!

Check out my video below for what to do before you wear and wash your jeans:

  • Don’t wash too frequently – Unless you’ve had some serious spills, you really don’t need to wash your jeans that often (only after every 5-8 wears). The more often they go through the spin cycle, the quicker they’ll lose their color.
  • Turn inside-out when you wash – this will not only help preserve the color, but also make sure to thoroughly clean the dirtiest part of your jeans (it’s where your dead skin and body oils settle)
  • Use a dark-specific detergent – these detergents will be formulated with a color-guard to help keep colors dark and vibrant. I love Dark Detergents by The Laundress.
  • Wash on delicate cycle – the stronger the cycle and spin, the more wear and tear your jeans will undergo, which fades the color.
  • Air dry – avoid putting your jeans in the dryer where fibers can break down and lead to faster fading.