Is This Holding You Back From Simplifying?

I’m thrilled to wrap up March with my first blog post of 2016!  I’m even more thrilled to have you here, ready and open to embracing a more simplified life and style. But before we dive in, I want to make one thing clear:

You are not alone. 

I can say that with a 100% guarantee.  A pretty bold claim I know, but the proof is in the chocolate chip pancakes even if we just based that statement on my Chicago-land clients alone.  And no, this isn’t an isolated issue either.  Closets everywhere are overstuffed, credit cards maxed out, landfills overflowing and yet we’re still feeling overwhelmed, lost and don’t have a gosh darn thing to wear.

So why is this such a widespread issue?

Why do we continue to be controlled financially, fashionably and emotionally by our wardrobes even when we have the best intentions of cutting back and letting go?  Ever changing trends, fast fashion, bargains galore and ads filling up our inbox and sidebars certainly don’t help.  But aside from some of the obvious, I believe we have to pick up our shovels and dig a little deeper…keep digging…now we’re getting somewhere…there it is: fear.

Not convinced?

Let me ask you this then:  have you ever had the fear of…

  • not fitting in?
  • feeling overdressed?
  • feeling underdressed?
  • being caught wearing the same thing more than once?
  • wearing an out-dated look?
  • getting rid of something because you think you’ll need it?
  • not having enough options or variety with your wardrobe?
  • having a super boring wardrobe that doesn’t express your true style?
  • Not being enough with what you have?
  • Not feeling beautiful/handsome/like a million bucks?


You see, what happens when we feed into these fears is we buy more, hang on to pieces we don’t love or reach for, over-pack for trips, dress in pieces that don’t fit our current lifestyle and waste a whole lotta’ time and energy on figuring out what to wear.

All of this then translates to stress, decision fatigue, debt and overwhelm. 

How do I know this?  I’ve been there.  As a former fashion blogger who truly thought more clothes, shoes and Lisa Vanderpump’s closet were my golden ticket to happiness and success, I can tell you it’s not.  Temporarily, sure, but I realized no matter how much I had (even with 68 pairs of shoes), it was never enough and worse, I didn’t feel like I was enough.  

Fast forward to today and my journey to a simplified style has since squashed these fears. 

I actually feel more stylish and put together than ever before, have more time to take my dog on walks, have more money to spend on traveling with my husband, investment pieces and renovating our home, and more importantly, I know and feel I’m enough.     

So, does any of this ring true for you?  What are your fears?  What hesitations are holding you back from simplifying your style?  Leave a comment below and I’d love to help address what’s holding you back! 

  • Taylor

    Great first post! My dream is to donate all of my clothes and create a deliberate wardrobe out of ethical, timeless pieces. The main thing holding me back: time + money!

    • Megan Jedlinski

      Thank you Taylor! LOVING that dream! Sounds like you’ve made a great first step by simply knowing what you want out of your wardrobe. Thanks for sharing and stay tuned for post on both of those topics!

  • Lauren

    After I had to sell all of my things a couple years ago and then had all of my clothes stolen out of my car right as I moved across the country to start a new job, I really focused on asking myself “Do I love it?” when it came to clothes (and other things for my home) because money was so tight. I created a wardrobe of pieces that I really loved (and the occasional piece snuck in that I just really needed immediately for function). My biggest struggle now is keeping that kind of mindset up and also transitioning in returning to my healthy weight. I have a few pieces that I just LOVE that don’t fit right now – I am giving myself until July for them to fit or get donated. I also struggle with balancing classic pieces that are versatile with a flair that makes me unique as well as balancing the young vs professional vibes