Angela S, 37

“I love my simplified wardrobe. Besides organizing, Megan has helped me feel confident in styles I never thought I could wear, like skinny jeans. Being an uncommon size at 4 [feet] 11 [inches] definitely makes shopping for me more challenging, but with Megan it’s never been an issue. She knows which brands, styles and cuts will suit me best, so we hit the ground running. I’m sure it goes without saying that I appreciate that Megan works within my budget and helps me prioritize which pieces will give me the most bang for my buck.

It is so much easier to keep things organized now. Every piece has a place, and I know where that is. Now I buy pieces that speak to my overall style, and I know the difference between quality vs. quantity”

Zach, 36

“Thanks to Megan, shopping is no longer a chore and I feel like I finally have a my own style. I recently changed jobs and was looking for insight on work-wear and decided to update my casual-wear as well. Megan really took into consideration my budget and helped me identify which styles I gravitated towards. The shopping trip was very helpful and the Lookbook she put together for me helped guide me in creating new looks and mixing and matching pieces. Highly recommend her to anyone who’s ready to take their style more seriously.”

Jean L, 73

“I’ve been wanting to clean out my closet and update my look for years.  I was initially hesitant with the cost, but decided I deserved it and I’m so glad I did!  After working with Megan on editing my wardrobe, it doesn’t take me nearly as long to pick out what to wear each morning and now I’m feeling confident in my choices and the way I look.  Megan was very easy to get along with and also very professional.  I loved the experience and the result.  Thank you!”

Katie C, 30

“I hired Megan to help create my “maid of honor look” for my sister’s wedding and could not have been happier with her services. I recently had a baby and, needless to say, am not quite yet where i’d like to be in terms of health and fitness. Although I love my new mama curves, I was worried about finding something I felt comfortable wearing on my sister’s big day. Not only was Megan professional and easy to work with, she definitely knows the in’s and out’s of fashion/shopping world. Megan has fabulous personal style and has knack for being to able envision and create unique and flattering looks for all price ranges and body types. She sent me options via email (always considering my price range and preferences) and then personally shopped and delivered the items to my door. She was even able to find beautiful and COMFORTABLE clip-on earrings for my non-pierced ears (a true challenge!) I felt absolutely wonderful at my sister’s wedding and would highly recommend Megan to anyone who would like some fashion guidance, both for everyday fashion or for a big event!”

Steph S

“I loved working with Megan. She has such a calm, reassuring energy as you’re going through all of this. It was clear that she was the unbiased third party who wasn’t making any judgements and was thoughtfully considering the best choice for each individual item. It helped me feel more confident in the final collection to have someone whose style I really love take an outside look at what I had and help me talk through my feelings about each piece.

My main hesitation was that I was going to realize that I didn’t like anything I own and that I needed to start completely over. I definitely wouldn’t have that hesitation anymore. I think it actually made me realize how many things I have that are really great and are a good base for building the rest of my wardrobe.

I think this is a really important process for any woman to go through with her wardrobe and I feel like you had such a great combination of advice and empathy about the issues we face with body image, confidence and big-picture approach. I would highly recommend this service to anyone struggling to make sense of their wardrobe.”

Karen J, 55

“I liked that Megan really took to heart my style and what I was looking for.  I was a little hesitant that I would be presented with a look that wasn’t mine, but she understood my needs and provided me with clothes that worked.  It was a fun experience and I really appreciated her honest opinions of the clothes and looks. It went a long way in helping learn how to shop for my style.  Thank you!”